About Us

since its Inception in 2013 Isvaryam has taken immense care and dedication to provide high quality edible oil used for cooking, skin and hair to their valuable customers. Isvaryam ,'the name Gets its origin from the Sanskrit word which means prosperity and wealth. isvaryam oils are prepared by extracting oil from high quality nuts and seeds very carefully sourced from various suppliers in and around Tamilnadu during different Seasons. The sourced high quality raw materials without any chemicals are cleaned and sun dried before passing through the cold Press machine wherein the heat does not cross 120 degree Fahrenheit or 49 degree Celsius thereby retaining most of the subtile flavour nutritional values. Isvaryam initially introduced their oils to friends, relatives Departmental stores and gradually covered the whole Coimbatore market .

Isvaryam with its enormous production capabilities , infrastructural facilities and a committed workforce is preparing to expose its valuable healthy products to the hearts out of India.

The main motto of Isvaryam is quality and customer satisfaction.

Isvaryam with its dedicated service and compassion towards mankind marches forward to provide healthy heart and better life.